A note from the creator:

Breaking Velocity, while not therapy, was extremely therapeutic to create – and continues to be an ongoing catharsis in performance. The point of this show – while an entertaining medium – is to share with the world at large that sometimes, even the most devastating of circumstances can actually serve as a road map to a more powerful life. In its 2012 run, a number of people who had suffered similar tragedies came up to me to share their own stories of physical and emotional recovery, and suddenly, it became clear: this is a show that needs to be shared, if anything, as a glimmer of light to those who may not be able to see that there is a way out.

And there is!! I am proof! And, while in some points quite light-hearted, this show carries a higher purpose to inspire and uplift anyone going through ANYTHING similar – any form of extreme, sudden life change. If just one teeny part of this performance can affect someone in their own struggle, especially if things feel quite dark, I feel like I’ve done my job.

Ultimately, I’m open to bookings from anybody who has a conference of people who can either benefit or share this message with others going through a major life event, and need a little bit of uplifting entertainment proving that, indeed, Growth CAN come from destruction.

Love, Meg

Testimonials below:

“Last August 2011 I had a running injury (yes – I was one of those joggers!) that I initially wrote off as a “minor ankle sprain” – what I fool I was, and after seeing countless doctors and specialists, and finally the Chief Medical Officer at the Rheumatology department of a university – I was eventually diagnosed with reactive arthritis. Two and a half months on crutches. Shots of steroids into my knee and ankle a few times, weeks of sports injury rehabilitation, and plenty of strong oral steroidal drugs were not my idea of fun. Sadly I cannot run anymore… and walking for long periods of time causes me quite a bit of pain. Thankfully I work in IT so it hasn’t affected my work per se.

But… I’ve learnt to cope with it through stretching, medication and general positive thinking (the months of self-pity were no fun!). Your story about the car accident and keeping your dream of dancing and active alive was an incredibly heartwarming and relatable… and I’m so glad I brought my girlfriend  out to see it. Thank you!”

– Nathan Wosnack, IT professional

“I saw Breaking Velocity at the 2012 Vancouver International Fringe Festival. Megan’s story really hit home for me. I was in a car accident a few years ago and still dealing with some of the physical effects. Her tenacity to pursue her dream in musical theatre is inspiring. When I’m feeling frustrated with my limitations, or certain situations, I think of Megan. What she’s been through and where she is now, makes me realize that I just need to be patient and do the physio exercises . Thanks Megan.”

-Tamara, Vancouver Fringe volunteer.


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