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Silent Auction

Well, here’s something fun!

We have procured the following incredible products and services from many local businesses, and are holding a silent auction over the next couple of weeks! Well, we know for a fact the Auction is Silent as it is starting ONLINE!!! yuck yuck yuck! (Humour like that is just one more wonderful tidbit you can expect from Breaking Velocity!)

We would love if you could check out the following, and bid for each item in the Comments Line below – what a great way to maybe even snag a discount on some hard-to-come-by items! If you’d like to bid anonymously, or don’t have a WordPress account, email Megan at (one word): meg nat phil [at] me [dot] com.
Check out our Facebook page for more info: http://www.facebook.com/breakingvelocity
Bidding began at our fundraising event on June 14th and will continue until then end of the month.

Let the bidding begin…and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(check out the rest at our Silent Auction Pag e- though you can comment here!)


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