Vancouver Debut!

Well, after a rip-roaring summer (and what a summer – check out our Press – pretty awesome!), it’s time to take the show home to y’all!! So, after long-awaited and a VERY exciting time, I have some details for you – so run out and buy your tickets IMMEDIATELY!

SAT SEPT 8 – 6:15PM
SUN SEPT 9 – 4:30PM
TUES SEPT 11 – 7:45PM
THURS SEPT 13 – 5:00PM
SAT SEPT 15 – 12:35PM


Studio 16, 1555 W. 7th Ave (between Fir & Granville). This venue is absolutely PERFECT for our needs, and it’s clean and nice (kinda like most Canadians I know, hehe). So come check it out!!


Here’s the best part – how to get your awesometastic tickets!!

It looks a little complicated, but I promise it’s not! Here’s the jam:

$10 weekday shows (Mon – Thur) anytime & weekend late night (10:00 pm or later)
$12 weekend shows (Fri – Sun) before 10:00 pm
+ $3 to all advance show ticket purchases (i.e. Online and Fringe Box Office purchases)

There is a mandatory, one-time $5 Membership fee (your membership card must be presented at the door of each Festival show you see.
TICKETS CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED ONLINE OR IN PERSON!!! For realsies, no phone sales. Online tix are available after August 2 at, or in-person at The Fringe Box Office tent (on Granville Island in the parking lot between Waterfront Theatre and 1398 Cartwright Street).

The Vancouver Fringe has much more info about passes and things here if you plan to see lots of other things!
Please, please, please, pleeeeeease remember there are ABSOLUTELY NO LATECOMERS to ANY FRINGE SHOW, ANYWHERE. They are very, very strict about this, and it always hurts my heart a little to learn when people have been turned away. Parking and travelling about the city can have its issues – please make time allowances in every show you attend!

Please ensure that you hang out after and say Hi, and please tell your friends! Can’t wait to see you!


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  1. I missed your show due to a meeting running 4 hours and I have an event to go to that’s going to make me miss your Sunday show as well. When you’re back in Vancouver I’ll be sure to check out your speedy performance. -Bar Security

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