Breaking Velocity is here!

When you’re a child, you have dreams. You want to be a fireman, an astronaut, a princess…

So what happens when the dream you’ve held onto for so long comes crashing down around you?
In an astonishing one-woman show, Megan Phillips shares the story of what happened on a fateful day 5 years ago, and how one moment can change our lives, and ultimately shapes who we are and who we become.
BREAKING VELOCITY is about perseverance, love, loss, and the chance to start again.
Megan Phillips is a versatile actress, singer, and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. BREAKING VELOCITY marks her playwriting and Fringe debut. The show features original music by Jessi Nicholson, Glen Hamilton and Megan Phillips, and is directed by Ernest Johns.

Opens July 4 runs to July 15
THE SOLO ROOM at the Tarragon Theatre (2nd floor) 30 Bridgman Ave.
Wednesday July 4, 8:15pm
Friday July 6,10:00pm
Saturday July 7, 8:30pm
Monday July 9, 7:30pm
Tuesday July 10, 6:45pm
Thursday July 12, 9:45pm
Friday July 13, 5:15pm
Sunday July 15, 5:45pm

please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.
Tickets can be purchased by phone at (416) 966‐1062 x1, online at http://www.fringetoronto.comor in person at the Festival Box Office located in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s (34 Lennox Ave.)



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3 responses to “Breaking Velocity is here!

  1. Feel free to leave a comment if you are interested in bidding on any of these items! only 5 days left!!!

  2. Doug Lowry

    I saw the performance – have you thought about taking the performance to the Rehab Hospitals? – there are hundreds of people who can relate to the performance; the story has potential for sales conferences – firing up the staff.

    • Hi Doug, that is a fantastic idea. It’s something I’ve been considering, so thank you for validating that! Upon finishing performances this summer, I am very interested to see the next stage of life the show can have. And thank you for coming out to see the show – it means a great deal to have a bit of buzz generated!

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