Manhattan Repertory Theatre Summerfest 2013!

Ok, friends!! Here’s what you’ve all been waiting for: Info on the New York City run!!!Times:

Wed July 24 7pm
Thurs July 25 7pm

Friday July 26 7pm

Sat July 27 7pm

Sun July 28 6pm

For ticket reservations email: . Tix are $20 each! What a steal!

Address: Manhattan Repertory Theatre, 303 W 42nd St, 6th Floor NYC

Check out their whole summer festival!


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Breaking Velocity is moving forward!

Just a quick update that there IS motion on a 2013 run of Breaking Velocity… it’s all very exciting! July 2013 will be performing in NEW YORK CITY at the Manhattan Repertory Theatre’s 2013 Summerfest!! (Check them out at… it’s sooooo exciting!

Stay tuned, if you’d like, and please contact us if you’re interested in more information!

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Vancouver Debut!

Well, after a rip-roaring summer (and what a summer – check out our Press – pretty awesome!), it’s time to take the show home to y’all!! So, after long-awaited and a VERY exciting time, I have some details for you – so run out and buy your tickets IMMEDIATELY!

SAT SEPT 8 – 6:15PM
SUN SEPT 9 – 4:30PM
TUES SEPT 11 – 7:45PM
THURS SEPT 13 – 5:00PM
SAT SEPT 15 – 12:35PM


Studio 16, 1555 W. 7th Ave (between Fir & Granville). This venue is absolutely PERFECT for our needs, and it’s clean and nice (kinda like most Canadians I know, hehe). So come check it out!!


Here’s the best part – how to get your awesometastic tickets!!

It looks a little complicated, but I promise it’s not! Here’s the jam:

$10 weekday shows (Mon – Thur) anytime & weekend late night (10:00 pm or later)
$12 weekend shows (Fri – Sun) before 10:00 pm
+ $3 to all advance show ticket purchases (i.e. Online and Fringe Box Office purchases)

There is a mandatory, one-time $5 Membership fee (your membership card must be presented at the door of each Festival show you see.
TICKETS CAN ONLY BE PURCHASED ONLINE OR IN PERSON!!! For realsies, no phone sales. Online tix are available after August 2 at, or in-person at The Fringe Box Office tent (on Granville Island in the parking lot between Waterfront Theatre and 1398 Cartwright Street).

The Vancouver Fringe has much more info about passes and things here if you plan to see lots of other things!
Please, please, please, pleeeeeease remember there are ABSOLUTELY NO LATECOMERS to ANY FRINGE SHOW, ANYWHERE. They are very, very strict about this, and it always hurts my heart a little to learn when people have been turned away. Parking and travelling about the city can have its issues – please make time allowances in every show you attend!

Please ensure that you hang out after and say Hi, and please tell your friends! Can’t wait to see you!

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Silent Auction

Well, here’s something fun!

We have procured the following incredible products and services from many local businesses, and are holding a silent auction over the next couple of weeks! Well, we know for a fact the Auction is Silent as it is starting ONLINE!!! yuck yuck yuck! (Humour like that is just one more wonderful tidbit you can expect from Breaking Velocity!)

We would love if you could check out the following, and bid for each item in the Comments Line below – what a great way to maybe even snag a discount on some hard-to-come-by items! If you’d like to bid anonymously, or don’t have a WordPress account, email Megan at (one word): meg nat phil [at] me [dot] com.
Check out our Facebook page for more info:
Bidding began at our fundraising event on June 14th and will continue until then end of the month.

Let the bidding begin…and may the odds be ever in your favor!

(check out the rest at our Silent Auction Pag e- though you can comment here!)

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Breaking Velocity is here!

When you’re a child, you have dreams. You want to be a fireman, an astronaut, a princess…

So what happens when the dream you’ve held onto for so long comes crashing down around you?
In an astonishing one-woman show, Megan Phillips shares the story of what happened on a fateful day 5 years ago, and how one moment can change our lives, and ultimately shapes who we are and who we become.
BREAKING VELOCITY is about perseverance, love, loss, and the chance to start again.
Megan Phillips is a versatile actress, singer, and songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. BREAKING VELOCITY marks her playwriting and Fringe debut. The show features original music by Jessi Nicholson, Glen Hamilton and Megan Phillips, and is directed by Ernest Johns.

Opens July 4 runs to July 15
THE SOLO ROOM at the Tarragon Theatre (2nd floor) 30 Bridgman Ave.
Wednesday July 4, 8:15pm
Friday July 6,10:00pm
Saturday July 7, 8:30pm
Monday July 9, 7:30pm
Tuesday July 10, 6:45pm
Thursday July 12, 9:45pm
Friday July 13, 5:15pm
Sunday July 15, 5:45pm

please note that there is absolutely no latecomer seating.
Tickets can be purchased by phone at (416) 966‐1062 x1, online at http://www.fringetoronto.comor in person at the Festival Box Office located in the parking lot behind Honest Ed’s (34 Lennox Ave.)


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